Lumia 620 which has seen huge response to its launch in markets like India, China, Germany, Thailand has reached to two more destinations. Philippines in Asia and Sweden in Europe. Wanna know more about the device, click here for our coverage till now !!

Lumia 620 has a suggested Retail Price of PhP 11,600 ($284) in Philippines.  It is available at Nokia Stores in black, cyan, green, white and yellow with Magenta stock to follow.

The Lumia 620 is available in Sweden in black, yellow and lime green, although availability will vary between retailers and operators. It is expected to be priced at 2500 SEK ($390).


We didn’t pay much attention, but it seems CEO Elop has mentioned in his interview that Lumia 620 goes on sale from today in Finland as well. Now, according to tip from Tissson, it can be now bought unlocked for € 249 in Finland.

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