Lots of good news to cheer about for Lumia owners.

  • Nokia Map has been updated to version 1.3 at Windows Marketplace.
  • As reported by us last week, Nokia Drive version 2.0 is now available at Marketplace.
  • Nokia Transport now available at Marketplace.

Nokia Maps: 

Nokia Maps Favourites Nokia Maps share a route

New Features in the updated Maps include,

  • It is possible to create a list of all the places you want to visit in a city. You’ll enjoy using the new feature of Nokia Maps that allows you to add places to favourites.
  • Easier to share place details and how to get there via SMS, email or social networks.
  • On Nokia Maps you can also see the traffic situation in USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Belgium, Russia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, UK, France, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, India and UAE. Just use the live traffic view, which is available next to the map, satellite and public transport views.
  • When you plan a journey with trains and buses, you can now tap on each waypoint shown on the map to get immediately more information.

Nokia Drive 2.0:

Nokia Drive navigation Nokia Drive Speed Limits settings

This version of Nokia Drive introduces most requested feature : A complete offline navigation experience. When you open Nokia Drive, under Settings > Manage maps you can download country maps for offline access. You can now rely on Nokia Drive in areas with poor network coverage or cut your data costs when you’re visiting foreign countries.

You can also drive more safely because speed limits and relevant notifications are clearly visible in the app dashboard. Warnings are fully customizable with audio alerts and specific triggers.

 Nokia Transport:

Nokia Transport journey planner Nokia Transport Map integration

The app provides an overview of how to get, within city limits, from A to B using public transportation. Walk directions are displayed to help you get to the next stop and from the last stop to your destination. Available in more than 510 cities in 46 countries, in 86 cities Nokia also included timetable information.

You don’t need to download specific apps for each city you visit, you have everything in one place. Conveniently enough, you can also pin a favourite destination to start and always know how to get there from anywhere in the city. Great thing is now it is available over the Windows Marketplace.

But If you have been involved in the Beta testing of this apps,you will have to uninstall that version to install this final released version from Marketplace.