Chat widget

Nokia chat for my N8 has got updated 3-4 days back through Nokia store and the new version no. is v3.14.10.

  • The most visible change is that like social widget where now you have Facebook and twitter widets separately, the chat widget supports separate widgets for all your chat accounts. See the screen shot above for what it looks like. Here as you can see I have configured accounts for G Talk and Nokia chat and both have separate widgets.
  • Other changes I could feel are improved performance and chat notification in pull down notification bar, which is awesome.
  • Also the widget lets you know how many chats are ongoing.

Nokia Chat downlaod link

For creating your Nokia mail and chat account you can go to, and create your free mail and chat account.

In case if you want to know our Nokia mail/chat account is [email protected] and you can be in touch with us anytime on this.