It is really great news!! The WP8 software update which has been pushed to some HTCrap 8X devices and which is confirmed to be coming to other devices this month only, will bring some Nokia made changes as well to Lumia WP8 devices. As seen in above screenshot sent to Engadget, the PR1.1 for Lumia 920 bumps OS version to 10211 which is in line with what have been seen on HTC 8X.

The Nokia specific changes are more interesting. This includes promised “Daylight picture sharpness enhanceent” as well. Engadget has got some sample as as well to prove this. If you remember we earlier reported the confirmation from Nokia France’s communication manager regarding software tweak to enhance sharpness of daylight pictures.


Apart from this Nokia is also packing many stability, LTE and web browsing improvements. The improvements like WiFi always onCall rejection, SMS draft, SMS mass deletion will be there from MS as well.