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6 PR1.1 Firmware variants at NaviFirm now for Global Lumia 920.Most of APAC, Europe, Australia markets covered.

Six PR1.1 Firmware variants are now available at NaviFirm for Global Version of Lumia 920. These Firmwares now cover most of the APAC, Europe markets. Australian Firmware versions for Telstra is also available. Surprisingly, Grey is listed there. So, may be Grey Lumia 920 will see a wider distribution in 2013. Though Nokia has communicated Feb 2013

AT&T users report sharper picture quality from both FFC and Rear cam post PR1.1 update. (MS+Nokia) Full Changelog.

Nokia has released the official changelog for the PR1.1 update rolling out for AT&T and Rogers variants of Lumia 920. Enhancements in Messaging More efficient and reliable Bluetooth connectivity More efficient and reliable start-up sequence Enhancements in imaging performance and battery management Additional platform updates and enhancements There are improvements brought by Microsoft as well. Messaging improvements : You

Updated: Software update PR1.1 (build 1232.5951.1249) available at NaviFirm for AT&T Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 variants (RM 820/824).

Yesterday only we reported that PR1.1 software update which will bring changes from both Microsoft and Nokia will enhance Lumia 920's Camera's daylight performance. Great news is the build 1232.5951.1249 which was shown in screenshot is now available at NaviFirm for AT&T variant RM 820 of Lumia 920. Looks like MS and Nokia are