Well, we are not taking credit for anything here. But, just yesterday we reported that unlocked White Lumia 920 is available to order at Expansys UK as well, though at a slightly higher price than Clove’s. At that time there were about 75 units in stock,which swollen to more than 100+ later, but on checking today all the stock is sold out and Expansys is expecting stock in 4-5 days. Again, due to the brisk sales, White Lumia 920 has become top-selling handset for this week at Expansys leaving all other in dust!!

Now, this is impressive and a lesson for Nokia as well !! Even at a significantly higher price than locked Lumia 920 customers are lapping up the unlocked Lumia 920. So, time to go full steam and bring more stock for unlocked Lumia 920 preferably in all colors to UK. This will certainly win appreciations from customers and add greatly to the sales volume :).

White Lumia 920 Link

Top selling link