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Unlocked Lumia 920 compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile and 3G networks worldwide,confirms Expansys USA listing.


We recently reported that Lumia 920 and 820 are supposedly “Penatband true world phones”. This was revealed from FCC entries. And now Expansys USA listing of unlocked Lumia 920 confirms that it is truly a world phone. It is compatible with both AT&T, T-Mobile networks and 3G compatibility is shown with AT&T and international networks.

This may help assuage fears of many,who were worried about the unlocked phone not being compatible with T-Mobile frequency. In case you are interesting in pre-ordering the phone in USA you can go ahead and do it at Expansys USA’s Lumia 920 page. Or, you can go to Negri electronics, which has quoted a price of $698.50 for unlocked Lumia 920.


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  • eddie54

    Expansys has now expanded their offerings for Lumia 920!!!
    They now have black, white, red, yellow, and NOW GRAY!!!!!
    I’ve decided on yellow but was torn between gray and yellow…I know a lot of people wanted gray though and now is you chance through expansys!

  • Guys, We are trying to get clarification regarding this from Expansys. Would report if get to hear from them.

  • no

    4g LTE on nokia is the only phone in world that works everywhere,,,

  • Uh, when they say that it is compatible with Tmobile, they probably just mean that it is (at least) compatible with TMobile’s 2G/EDGE frequency which we already know works. The real question is whether the unlocked Lumia 920 will have a pentaband frequency matching TMobile’s 3G/4G frequencies – Expansys’s site doesn’t say one way or the other, unfortunately.

    • mike too

      That’s my understanding as well. From what I have read so far, you’ll be stuck in 2G on t-mo. I hope i’m wrong 🙂