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Universal app Aeries for Twitter updated with new features


Aeries for Twitter , one of the best Twitter apps has received  new update for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile.The new version is The latest update brings lots of new features such as  quickreply experience, Improved streaming UX and more.

Aeries of Twitter Changelog:

  • Fixed hit area for some buttons.
  • Ctrl+Enter to send in quick reply.
  • Fixed an issue with error reporting.
  • Fixed an issue where the mentions timeline cache could become overwritten.
  • Fixed an issue with save image context menus dissapearing when using touch.
  • Quickly acces user actions with a right tap or long hold on a user image in the  timeline.
  • No need to restart the app after updating sections on PC now!
  • Right click image to save on PC.
  • Improved save read position stability – if you are still seeing issues, please delete cache and manually save read positon!
  • User accounts now stay more upto date when edited outside the app.
  • Me section now enabled by default.
  • Few smoother animations.
  • New quickreply experience.
  • If a compose window is already open, clicking compose will switch to it instead of opening new window.
  • Fixed some issues with people not displaying in the discover page.
  • Improved streaming UX.
  • Improved rate limiting for searches.
  • Fixed an issue with quoting from a tweet detail view.
  • Numerous bug fixes

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