Though this droolworthy device was supposed to go on sale from 22nd April, we informed how it was being sold in some stores since some days. Now wpcentral has manged to get one Lumia 900 white also labelled as Stormtrooper from NY store and since it is before 21st they could manage to get it within $100 credit time. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and try to find one before the $100 credit offer on your AT&T account goes away.

The device has been selling very well and is confirmed yet again by NY store manager.Read what the article says,

For what its worth, the AT&T representative told us that Nokia’s flagship phone has been selling very well, basically clearing off the shelves. That’s a big deal for a store smack in the middle of the Big Apple. There are no Cyans around but we were told that customers were still ordering them and getting them direct fulfilled in about 2 days time, which ain’t half bad.Although seeing how the Lumia 900 is selling a few weeks from now will be more important than today, we have to admit, this is starting to really feel like a hit device with AT&T. There’s a lot of buzz and nearly two weeks after launch, the phone is still clearing off of shelves. Now with the addition of the Glossy-White  version, we think this will keep it going even longer.

Check the video below for unboxing and hands on,

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