UC BrowserUC Browser 4.2 Beta public preview is now live as informed by the UC Browser team on Twitter. No changelog is provided, so it may be minor changes and bug fixes. If, you are already using the UC browser Beta, you can follow the link below to update.

UC Browser 4.2 link

UCWeb, the creator of UC Browser has released a new app UCDownloader to Windows Phone store. The app helps in downloading videos, music on any connection and supports Background download too.

UCDownloader Details:

*You can use background download with any connection
2G/3G, you name it!
*You can download to any system folder
Video/Music, you name it!
*You can add to download and just leave it
There will be reminder when task completed!
*You may not notice, but it’s an .appx
UCWeb always try to build something new and cool!

Please avoid closing this app when downloading, and don’t download too many tasks in the same time.
WP8.1 still have an annoying system bug on downloading.
If you run into this issue, please vote for us and let MS fix it.
Background download for WiFi, 2G, 3G and LTE

Install link