Tweet it! universal app for Windows 10 Devices snags an update. The latest update is not major, however it brings some improvements and fixes. Tweet It! is a Twitter client for Windows 10 devices and comes with lots of cool features.


  • Improved CPU and RAM usage (this is 1st part of updates aiming to reduce CPU and RAM usage)
  • Tap on toast notitfication will when app is running will show notification content
  • Added ability to reset app
  • Fixed bug when refresh button become disabled
  • Improved blur effect
  • Fixed bug when text input when composing message become hidden by virtual keyboard
  • Fixed bug when sometimes usernames in tweets were not highlighted
  • Improved new/old followers check on launch
  • Added ability save pictures directly to “saved pictures” folder with one click

Install Link

Thanks Ayush and Niraj for the tip !!