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In last few days, I have been asked this question by many of you, both online and in person. So, how to add other language keyboards than those existing to your Lumia or any other windows phone? Below are the steps and please refer to screenshots for further understanding.

Step by Step:

Keyboard tutorial NPU 1

1) Go to Settings—> Keyboard

2) Press on add Keyboards and this should take you to available installable Keyboards

3) On selecting any of the language keyboards, it will start showing “preparing for download”. Remember that it will take some time, so go and grab your coffee!

4) As soon as the background preparation work is over, it prompts with “your update is ready to be installed”

Keyboard tutorial NPU

5) Click install and it will update, restart and migrate data. Don’t worry, there is no data loss or settings changes. It takes a few minutes, though.

6) Once it shows update completed, press done. Go and check the newly installed keyboard by following Settings—> Keyboard.

Do let us know, what do you think about this tutorial and whether you want us to cover anything else as well.

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