de5fbf198618367af16a62ad28738bd4b21ce5e9Yesterday we reported about guys in China being able to port the first android app to Windows 10 Mobile, and today it seems you can do it too. Follow the step by step tutorial below but remember it is risky and can harm your device. So, risk and fun both are all yours. Also not all devices are supported and check the list first.

Supported devices & Windows 10 Mobile versions:

System version requirements: Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149 and above.
Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 929 (icon)
Nokia Lumia 830
Nokia Lumia 930
Nokia Lumia 1520
Nokia Lumia 635 (1G memory version)
Nokia Lumia 730
Nokia Lumia 820
Nokia Lumia 435
Nokia Lumia 928


1) Download the WConnect tool and then ADB tool by clicking here and here.

2) Unzip the ADB and Wconnect tool on your PC.

3) Now install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe.

4) Go to Settings  >  Update and security  > Developers on your Windows 10 Mobile running device now. Select the developer mode, and toggle on the Device Discovery. Now tap on the “Pair” to get the pairing code.

clint15) Now  open an elevated command prompt. (Press Windows + X, Open Command Prompt (admin) here). Now navigate to the Wconnect tools extract folder in the command prompt.

6) Connect Phone to PC using USB and run command wconnect.exe usb. It will ask for pairing code. Enter the code you got in Step 4.

7) Again open elevated command prompt and navigate to the ADB folder in the command prompt.

8) TypeADB devices” and hit enter to show the list of devices that are connected

d0072c63f6246b606868ad04edf81a4c510fa26e9) Now download the desired Android app apk to this folder, and run the command “ADB install XXXXX.apk” to install it on connected Windows 10 Mobile device. Replace XXXXX with name of the app.

fe5cdf22720e0cf38379498b0c46f21fbf09aac610) The app should get installed on your Phone.

Do let us know if you could install some Android apps, though better try those apps that may not need “Google Services”. Again, it may prove to be risky, so take your call.

Thanks to everyone for sending this tip.