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Try this : “Band Camera Control” for Windows Phone


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Now try this, “Band Camera Control ” for Windows Phone. This app lets you snap photos with your Windows Phone from the Microsoft Band. You can now utilize the full power of your band by snapping photos from a distance using the Band.

Band Camera Control details:

Camera Band Control allows you to control the camera on your phone by giving vocal commands to the band. Simply press and hold the action button on your band and say commands such as ‘Camera take a photo’ or ‘Camera take 3 photos in 10 seconds’. Photos are saved to the camera roll on the phone, and can also be previewed or saved to the Band screen. More examples of supported voice commands can be seen below

– Camera take a photo
– Camera take 3 photos
– Camera take a photo in 10 seconds
– Camera take 4 photos in 12 seconds

Due to platform limitations it is only possible to snap a maximum of 4 photos at a time. Voice languages supported: English (US/GB/India)

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