Time for some app updates !!

Popular caller ID app, TrueCaller today updated its Windows Phone app, with the latest update user’s call history will be automatically populated with any available Truecaller information, which may include names and profile pictures. Now caller ID feature is also updated with carrier and location information, based on area codes and number series.

When a call ends, it have a new ‘after call screen’ which gives users option to access shortcuts for calling the person back, sending them a text message or saving them as a contact, without opening the Truecaller app.

Microsoft has also updated OneDrive app for both Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, however the latest update doesn’t include any new features, assuming bug fixes and performance improvements.

Software Giant has also updated One Note app for Windows 10 Mobile, but there is no changelog present and we have not noticed any changes with the latest update, so assuming bug fixes.