We all know how good is Symbian at true and live multitasking. In fact it is miles ahead of other competing Smartphone OSes. Android with ICS and Jelly Bean has done some amount of catch-up, but still can’t compete with the number of apps Symbian can handle in true multitasking (without freezing them in background) and with the same efficiency. Forget about iOS and Windows Phone OS which don’t support the true multitasking at all. WP8 will bring live multitasking but it seems maximum no. of apps will be limited to 7-8.

So how good is 808 PureView being the best Symbian phone ever and running the latest version of Nokia Belle FP1. Trust us, it is the best ever. Even with 21 apps open and running in background it wouldn’t sneeze. Switching the apps and scrolling through them is breeze. Even closing the apps is the fastest ever on any Symbian device. With 21 apps open, free RAM remains about 255 MB, hence opening any new apps is near instant.

Check the video below for the demo,