Trucking 3D

Trucking 3D! Construction Delivery Simulator, the latest game from Game Troopers has received its first update. The changelog for the update is not provided so it is not known as what it brings. Though you can check the features of the game below and click on the install link to install it on your devices.

Trucking 3D! Construction Delivery Simulator Features:

– 3D high-quality graphics – Test you parking skills in Alaska and Chicago, and many other realistic locations – 42 levels to play, including 6 special missions – 4 different trucks, 4 special vehicles – 4 types of game-play – Many upgrades and exciting achievements to gain All along the Trucking 3D adventure you will have to prove your truck driving skills in various conditions. Some of the levels will only require you deliver materials to the construction site, while others will add to your quest, by giving you the opportunity to cash in on some bonus time points. Other levels will have you follow a big truck ahead of you, to test your ability to follow directions exactly as told. Rewards and achievements will add to the fun of your missions, while upgrades from pick-up trucks to lorry trucks and even big trailers, American trucks will help you go from one level to another with great success.

Install link

Thanks Rajesh for the tip. Cheers!!