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New Nokia C1 Render & more details with claimed specs tipped

Nokia C1.1

The same tipster that has tipped us with the Nokia C1 Render with Android and Windows 10 Mobile variants has now sent us one more render and more details about its specifications. The tip also claims that Nokia C1 was supposed to come in two size variants. The tipster also claims that the Nokia C1 had been cancelled sometime ago and Nokia has moved to prototyping of a much more advanced model.

⇒ While we are not able to authenticate existence of Nokia C1, there are two high-end Android smartphones that Nokia is working on as per our sources and you can read some probable specs & release date by clicking here.

Here are the claimed Nokia C1 specs:

Display: 5 inches, Full HD / 5.5 inches Full HD

Platform: Android and (Windows 10 in selected markets)

Memory: 32 GB, 2 GB RAM or 64 GB, 3GB RAM

Camera: 8 MP and 5 MP / 13 MP and 5 MP

We will still ask you to take this all with a pinch of salt. We can’t verify the authenticity of these images as this is not that difficult to create such images if one has some skill. Also, why would Nokia create and cancel a smartphone when it can actually launch one not before Q4 2016?

Again, Nokia has made it very clear by releasing a press statement that it can return to smartphones only in 2016. CEO Rajeev Suri has also confirmed that Nokia will be back to smartphones once the agreement with Microsoft is over in Q4 2016. We even broke the exclusive news that It will be Foxconn again that may get honors to launch first Nokia-branded smartphones next year. Nokia’s recent job listing have made it clear that Nokia plans to even handle marketing of its upcoming smartphones apart from designing and prototyping.

Nokia’s other Devices Plans:

Nokia’s recent press statement revealed its plan to enter “consumer wearables” markets. We have also told you that Nokia is working on Android-based wearables related to Health and Wellbeing as part of Nokia’s plans to pursue “Digital Health” as the next Nokia Technologies business practice.

Apart from Smartphones and Wearables, Nokia is pursuing Digital Media business and the very first product the VR capture device Nokia Ozo will be released to market on November 30.

For keeping yourself abreast of latest & upcoming Nokia Devices related latest news, leaks, reviews and more bookmark the below link.

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  • DBS

    The tipster could at least forge realistic Nokia designs…instead of those cheap Xiaomi/Huawei/Oppo-we-want-to-copy-the-iPhone designs.
    Also, the camera on his/her renders looks like a generic camera out of an Xperia device. Out of a OIS-less Xperia device. Nokia, with their camera tech the prowess, wouldn’t put a bad camera on a phone that marks their “rebirth”, even less one without such a basic feature in 2015 such as OIS.

    Not only that, the tipster could try to avoid fever dreams about Windows Phone. The platform brought Nokia nothing but problems and almost sunk the entire company. The only way you’ll ever see a Nokia-branded Windows Phone is if Microsoft enters in a licensing deal with Nokia to manufacture WP devices under the Nokia brand. Which is unlikely since even Microsoft is now using Foxconn to build Lumias.

    And your question is pretty valid. “cancelling” the non-existent “C1″…I’m pretty sure Nokia has “cancelled” some prototypes already. That’s part of the development process. But none of them came to be a phone so it could never be “cancelled”.

    And then let’s address this naming scheme. The moniker “C1” was invented by the fan that did those renders months ago. Nokia will likely release these phones either under a subbrand (like the Lumia line was) or under the N series. Because that’s natural. And if Microsoft wasn’t still producing dumbphones, I could very well see Nokia just going back to basics and name the phones with the Nokia name and a number.