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Time Stamp Pro goes free as myAppFree app of the day for limited time


apps.13539.9007199266441408.075abb01-396b-4181-9be9-fde875f7906d.d6d79745-85d2-4caf-a6b1-bac4e5bfb085The Windows phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Time Stamp Pro.

This is a work time tracker that aims to be simple yet feature rich in its functionality and it  requires only two clicks  in order to start a work unit. When your finished, take another two clicks end the work unit

Time Stamp Pro Details Features:

– Work time tracking

– Support for (night) shift work

– Specify detailed daily work and break time information

– Reduce break time automatically

– Variable break times

– Customizable start screen

– Export data to Excel file on your Skydrive account (*.xlsx)

– Backup/Restore (can be used to switch from free to Pro version)

– Record Public Holidays/Sick Days/Leave Days/Parental Leave Days

– Tagging support for work units

– Reports that show you weekly/monthly/yearly work times and overtimes

– Overall overtime calculation

– Show times as decimal

– NFC to start and stop a work unit (Pro only)

– Live Tile support to start and stop a work unit with only one click (Pro only)

– Live Tile support that shows you work times for the current week and month (Pro only)

– Multiple parallel work units (Pro only)

– Color Themes (Pro only)

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