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Theme+ goes free as myAppFree app of the day for a limited time


Theme+TThe windows Phone app which has gone free next as meyAppFree app of the day is Theme+. This is a simple yet delightful Start screen customization app.

Theme+ Details & Features:

It features a collection of unique, custom-designed patterns that perfectly fit the Modern design language. Coupled with a curated color palette, and the ability to create an endless amount of combinations, the results are truly inspiring and versatile.

If you love personalization, and enjoy a wonderfully minimal experience, you’ll love Theme+.

Full experience:

– Collection of unique patterns designed to fit any Start screen.
– Curated color palette that enables bold, subtle, modern and classic combinations.
– High resolution images, which can be used for any other purpose.
– Preview a true representation of the results you’ll get when applied to the Start screen.

Trial experience:

– Ability to preview all patterns and color combinations.
– Save up to three background images.

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