When traveling to another state, across the country, across the world, or even across the street you need someone you is there for you, so Microsoft released Bing Travel Beta to be your travel buddy.  This app packs all the features you will need before you leave on your journey.

  • destination guidesc7de59cf-4c42-4046-a139-189b49d93adb
  • travel photos
  • reviews
  • daily trip ideas
  • hotel listings
  • check airport arrivals/departures
  • pin fights to your home screen
  • book last minute flights
  • and much more
  • Also includes a Nearby feature which can be used to find: Photos, attractions, and other things in the area

I have not gotten to do some research on this app, and I can not wait to try it out next time I travel.  To download Bing Travel Beta click HERE.