Recently WhatsApp rolled out a new major update for their app on Windows Phone and on Windows 10 Mobile. The update packs with many new feature including new solid backgrounds, new attractive UI and many more. But from official change log it doesn’t seems that WhatsApp has implemented the new text formatting feature to Windows Phone.

But its live with recent update, Yeah you hear correctly. WhatsApp has quietly added the new text formatting feature for Windows platform with recent latest update . It seems that they forget to mention those things in official store change log.

Following guide will tell you how to use text formatting feature.

How to bold the text.
So if you want to bold the text just add asterisk (*) on either side of word. For example if I want to bold the text NPU then I will do this. *NPU* and text get bolded.

How to italics the text.
Just add under scroll (_) to either side of word. _Hello_

How to strikethrough the text.
For that you have to add tlide (~) to either side of word. For example ~Welcome~

Its interesting to note that not only you can format the text but you can also format the whole sentence with the same procedure.
In addition to this, with this recent update now you can mute the group directly from chat window. Just tap and hold the group and there will be new mute option in context menu.
Its sad to note that WhatsApp has removed the confirmation of clear chat MessageBox, when you tap on Clear chat. So before tapping on clear chat, make sure that there isn’t any important message in your chat, otherwise you will loose it.

So what do you think about this latest addition of the new features to WhatsApp app, let us know in comment section below.

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