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Cortana was so right about the Finals. Germany are World cup champions!!

Two things stood out during the World Cup Football frenzy. Germany as the ultimate team and Cortana as the ultimate soothsayer!! Germans deserved it and they finally got the cup of their dreams. Cortana...

Cortana the soothsayer has it 14-0 now. Predicts Germany lifting the World Cup

So, Cortana has not only overtaken "Paul the Octopus" in no. of correct World cup predictions, but more impressively it has now 14 correct match outcome predictions in a row. Last correct prediction was...

Cortana continues its winning streak. It is 12-0 now!!

Updated: Argentina and Netherlands won their latest matches in Football World cup and Cortana has continued its winning streak with 12 correct predictions in a row with these two latest outcomes. Microsoft must be proud of...

Fun fact: Cortana gets four World cup Football match predictions right in a row

Cortana got the ability to predict Match outcomes recently via a service update in background. Now, looks like it has a very accurate prediction engine running in background as, it has got all the...

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