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This is how Cortana will greet you! Cortana’s icon pack extracted. Language change possible.

A lot about Cortana has been leaked by many sources since yesterday. So, we reported a bit yesterday and time for much more now,Cortana Animations : (Circle) *Abashed *Alert *Bouncy *Calm *Considerate *Elated *Greeting1,2,3,4 *Listening1 *Need More *Intro *Optimistic *Reminder *Satisfied *Sensitive *Speaking *Thinking Cortana's full icon pack extracted:Cortana's language can...

More about Cortana, Speed dial, Banner notifications, Quick-access settings icons!

WindowsPhonelovers page has more to reveal about Cortana, Speed dial and Banner notifications. Here are the tidbits,You can delete Cortana, if you wish so.. You can have up to 30 phone numbers in your speed...