File Manager, Cortana and Action Center are locked in the leaked Windows Phone 8.1 SDK. So whatever we are able to lay our hands on, is all extracted from the SDK code. Read on for some interesting details,

You would be able to rename Cortana (and this was confirmed by Microsoft in an interview about virtual assistant) . Now, the below information reveals that Cortana will handle your calls and texts and will silence other notifications during those “Quiet hours”. You can turn it on or set it to turn on automatically.


Notification / Action center settings are getting revealed from code, even if it is locked in SDK:

  • You can disable all notifications and even chose whether you want to see the ‘notification bar’ on top of screen. So, for Live Tile lovers, you can opt not to have notification centre, at all.
  • You can disable and enable all apps and settings notifications individually

1016334_627902710590550_143475363_nWill the “File Manager” disappoint? Code reveals only File opening and saving capability, no delete option. Or, may be it comes as full-fledged in final release version.

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