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evleaks: #Nokia Illusionist with stylus support coming!! Is Nokia going to hold one more event soon?

[embedit snippet="fluids"] evleaks says, Nokia Illusionist with stylus support is coming. So, what is this now? Some variant of Lumia 1520 or Lumia 2520 or Lumia 929 or that Windows 8 Nokia Tablet which is still in works according to our sources. Whatever it may be, it has still to arrive and

Nokia WinRT 8.1 Tab’s probable specs and announcement event dates. Win8 Tablet is still alive and may come later.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] We were in touch with our sources who are themselves surprised by the turn of events, but finally it seems Nokia will bring the WinRT 8.1 tablet revealed as RX-114 and reported by us earlier, There is going to be an event somewhere around 26-27th Septmeber, where the WinRT 8.1

Sources: Nokia may delay the Tablet announcement to match Win8.1 RTM schedule!!

[embedit snippet="madsb"] You may remember our earlier report about possibility of Nokia making a Tablet public in July along with EOS announcement or separately, and many of us were genuinely excited about it. But seems, there are some change in plans and there may be....."one more delay". Now, according to our sources, Nokia