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How to get ROMs on your Windows 8.1 Tablet in VBA8

I will include the video in this post, and let us know if anything does not work or you need any extra help.

Tutorial: VBA8 How to get ROMs video

I have received several emails over the last few months about help with getting ROMs on their VBA8 app so today I did a short how to video for you.  Also be sure to...

Sony CEO hints at Windows Phone and VBA8 and VGC8 get big update

We had been hearing comments here and there about a possible Sony Windows Phone, but recently Sony's CEO recently hinted about the possibility of  Windows Phone coming with the sony name on it.  ...

Emulators VBA8, Snes8x & VGBC8 updated with MOGA controller support.

Great news for those who use emulators on Windows Phone 8 devices and own a MOGA controller as well. All three Emulators VBA8, Snes8x & VGBC8 have been updated with MOGA controller support. The...

VBA8 Emulator reposted + Tutorial on how to get started using VBA8

It is finally back, the gameboy advance emulator, VBA8.  Pokemon and many other classics have finally made their way back to my windows phone. This app is very simple once you have your roms loaded...

SNES8, VBA8, VGBC8 Mystery

I personally am a huge fan of classic gaming, the super nintendo, gameboy color, and gameboy advance, and it is even more handy when I can have all the classic games I love right...

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