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Nokia 1.3 has a Sand color model too. Passes both Wi-Fi & Bluetooth certifications.

We last exclusively reported about Nokia 1.3 specs and other details via our retails sources. Now we can add one more detail to this. It seems that Nokia 1.3 will have a Sand color...

Nokia 4.3 (TA-1207) passes certification in Canada now

We last reported about the TA-1207 variant passing Bluetooth certification thereby confirming that it may be Nokia 4.3 and not Nokia 1.3 that we earlier thought it to be. Now, TA-1207 has passed certification...

Nokia TA-1207 may be Nokia 4.3, reveals Bluetooth certification

We last reported about Nokia TA-1207 and its other variants like TA-1205 and TA-1216 passing FCC certification. While initially, we thought it was Nokia 1.3, now the smartphone has Bluetooth certification confirming that it...

Nokia TA-1207 variants Dual-SIM TA-1205 & single-SIM TA-1216 pass FCC certification

Two more variants of what can be Nokia 1.3 aka Nokia TA-1207, single-SIM TA-1216 and dual-SIM TA-1205 have passed FCC certification. The certification reveals that all three variants belong to the same smartphone. The Antenna...

Nokia TA-1207 (Nokia 1.3?) with 5.7/5.8-inch display & 3000 mAH battery passes FCC certification

A new Nokia smartphone with product code TA-1207 has passed FCC certification today thereby revealing its size specs and battery capacity. The smartphone in question may be the Nokia 1.3 as indicated by the...

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