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Nokia TA-1182/TA-1153 passes certification in Europe too

It seems that upcoming smartphone Nokia TA-1182/TA-1153 will not be limited only to the US market. After the FCC, the smartphone has appeared in European certification too. Both variants have passed the GCF certification...

TA-1182/TA-1153 may be a Nokia 3.2 variant for Verizon (Nokia 3V) & other carriers,...

We have earlier reported Nokia smartphone with variants TA-1182/TA-1153 passing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certifications. Now, TA-1182 has passed FCC certification and the certification reveals that it may be a Nokia 3.2 variant headed to...

Nokia TA-1182 passes Wi-Fi certification now hinting at a sooner launch

We last reported about Nokia TA-1153 and TA-1182 passing Bluetooth certification with a Snapdragon processor. Now, the TA-1182 variant has appeared in Wi-Fi certification too. While the certification doesn't reveal any other information about the...

Nokia TA-1153/TA-1182 with a Snapdragon processor passed Bluetooth certification

A new Nokia smartphone with variants TA-1153 and TA-1182 has passed Bluetooth certification recently. These two previously unknown variants have been spotted with Bluetooth 5.0 support in the certification. While the certification doesn't reveal any...


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