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$100 for Lumia 900 Rogers Canada customers as well.Software fix coming on 16th April.

Rogers support has confirmed on its Twitter account that besides the software fix, which Nokia is rolling out on the 16th of April, Rogers will also be crediting Nokia Lumia 900 owners $100 in the...

Lumia 900 for AT&T and Rogers now shipping to pre-order customers.

Reports are coming that several pre-order customers of Lumia 900 on AT&T are receiving shipping notifications. If the shipping notifications are taken into account then it seems you earlier guess that on 6th April, when Nokia is going...

Lumia 900 pre-order at Rogers commence. $99.99 on 3 years contract. Awesome “Batman rises”...

If you remember last week, Rogers tweeted over their account that pre-order of Lumia 900 begins next week. They have stood true to their promise and Lumia 900 pre-order has commenced at Rogers website. Cherry on...

Lumia 900 pre-orders start next week. Rogers confirm over the Twitter account.

It was not a secret though that Lumia 900 is heading to Canada in April and will be available with Rogers . But now Rogers has confirmed on its Twitter account that pre-order begins...


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