Reports are coming that several pre-order customers of Lumia 900 on AT&T are receiving shipping notifications. If the shipping notifications are taken into account then it seems you earlier guess that on 6th April, when Nokia is going to take over Times Square for grand launch of Lumia 900 ,device will also ship to some of the lucky customers.

 Check this FedEx tracking info posted on

 Rogers has also sent out emails to the pre-order customer that stated the following:

“Great news! Your device is on its way. We just wanted to let you know that the Nokia Lumia 900 you reserved is on its way to the store in a box with your name on it… Shipments typically take up to four days.”

Pre-orders for Rogers were opened up a few weeks ago. If the above mail holds true then, this would make it hit stores on April 10th, but it’s quite possible that some might receive it on Monday.

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