If you remember last week, Rogers tweeted over their account that pre-order of Lumia 900 begins next week.

They have stood true to their promise and Lumia 900 pre-order has commenced at Rogers website. Cherry on the cake is pricing. Yes, we heard the rumors about same pricing for AT&T but Rogers has managed to snatch the lead.

Killer pricing for Lumia 900, $99.99 only on-contract for 3 years.

We know, you have already made your mindAfter all who will not be tempted by Lumia 900 at $99.  

But wait there is more to be excited about. If you order early (till 10th April) then you can lay your hands on special edition “Batman rises” Lumia 900s. Top prize is more awesome, private hometown screening of “Batman rises” for the winner and his/her family and friends(Maximum of  50 people).

Wow, Isn’t it ? Read more for this contest in the below screenshot and follow the link for Rogers’ page.

Rogers pre-order page