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Nokia branded Withings products launching Summer 2017. First look. Where to buy?

We earlier reported about Nokia's plans to re-brand the Withings Digital Health Products to Nokia. Nokia acquired Withings in 2016 and it was a long-awaited move. Now, it has been made official and there...

W10M Extras+Info update brings “Lumia Windows 10” Firmware name & re-branding

Microsoft has pushed a new update for Extras+info settings app to Lumia devices running Windows 10 Mobile. The update brings lots of visual changes to the Extras+info app. The firmware name in my Lumias changed...

Nokia regional Twitter accounts already become “Lumia regional” accounts.

It is still November 6 and as you can see in the above screenshot all the major regional accounts like Nokia India, Nokia USA, Nokia UK and others have already changed their profile names...

Nokia regional Twitter / Facebook accounts will see name change to Microsoft Lumia soon

  And the Nokia to Microsoft Lumia re-branding continues!! It is now turn of the regional Nokia Twitter & Facebook accounts to see the change in their profile names to "Microsoft Lumia". Nokia SA Twitter account has...

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