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#Lumia925 2nd most popular unlocked and 3rd most popular on-contract smartphone in EU.

[embedit snippet="madsr"] Price comparison website provides deals comparison and peep into popularity of smartphones in Germany, UK, Poland, Austria etc. Lumia 925 unlocked is currently 2nd most popular smartphone according to the popularity chart at the website. This is impressive as Lumia 925 is already in release for sometime now.

Lumia 925 most popular on-contract smartphone in EU, says “”. O2 and T-Mobile deals take no.1 and 4 positions.

If anyone had any doubt about popularity of Lumia 925 in EU then they better let go of their doubts. Nokia today announced that Lumia 925 goes on sale in Germany and if you check price comparison website (which compares smartphones deal across major European countries like Germany, UK

Lumia WP8 models rising in popularity in EU. Reveals price comparison website (

Be it on-contract or without-contract/Sim-Free, Lumia WP8 are gaining popularity in European union. Above screenshot shows that Lumia 920 and Lumia 620 hold 3rd, 4th and 6th rank in overall popularity of on-contract phones at price comparison website "". Click the link below for checking it yourself. On-contract link Not only this, if have