If anyone had any doubt about popularity of Lumia 925 in EU then they better let go of their doubts. Nokia today announced that Lumia 925 goes on sale in Germany and if you check price comparison website Compare.eu (which compares smartphones deal across major European countries like Germany, UK and others) has Lumia 925 as its most popular on-contract smartphone.

The Lumia 925 on O2, Germany has taken the top spot in popularity, while Lumia 925 on T-Mobile, Germany has taken 4th position on the big list. Even Lumia 925 on Vodafone Germany is visible on the most popular list. Europe and especially EU5 has seen Lumias growing in strength  with every passing month, so may be this is no surprise after all.

In case you are wondering where to order you can follow many links given on the Compare.eu website or below links to carriers and retailers.

Compare.eu link

Vodafone  O2  Noovi   

Sparhandy      Modeo

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