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Nokia Mail & Nokia Chat shutting down on March 9; Nokia Account on April...

  Not so good news but one that was not unexpected, given Nokia to Microsoft Mobile transition. Last service to get discontinued was Nokia Sync and it was natural that at some point in time...
Nokia account issue

Nokia account issue faced by Lumia users seems fixed. Nokia Mail still doesn’t sync

One good news here!! The Nokia account issue faced by many Lumia users regarding not able to create or access Nokia account may have been fixed  already. Though, there is no official word about...
Nokia account issue

Many Lumia users facing issues with Nokia account, MixRadio & Nokia Mail

Many of you have tipped us about this error and I encountered it for the first time with my newly owned Lumia 1020. The Nokia account doesn't work and it throws an error shown...

Nokia switches to @nokiamail email addresses; Ditches @ovi.com

Don’t know if this was posted before or if this is old news, but I just noticed that Nokia is no longer offering registration of @ovi.com email address on newer phones....

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