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Don’t know if this was posted before or if this is old news, but I just noticed that Nokia is no longer offering registration of @ovi.com email address on newer phones. While older phones will continue to create @ovi.com email address for registering a new Nokia account, newer phones will only offer @nokiamail.com

nokia mail banner

As with the ovi mail platform, the mail service is still powered by yahoo only and everything else is also the same. Just the email address differs now.

The database for emails accounts remains the same as well and if you already have an @ovi.com username, the same username can’t be created with @nokiamail.com extension. If you need the older (and shorter) @ovi.com email address, you should hurry and grab your old Nokia phone to register the account. If you need the newer @nokiamail.com address, just grab your new phone (released after sept. 2012) and you’ll be registering Nokia Account with the newer domain.

Nokia actually ditched mail.ovi.com domain and adopted nokiamail.com, but the domain for email remained the same, which is now changing as well.

Nokia is slowly moving away from ovi and maybe planning to move everything to Nokia XYZ. Just as the ovi Music service was previously re-branded to Nokia Music. This will definitely help in adopting the similar style throughout the Nokia Services.

Note: Older accounts with @ovi.com domain will continue to work normally and you don’t need to worry about anything. It’s just that new registrations will slowly be stopped.

Do you like this change? Ask me and I definitely like this. I’d be happier if I could get my same username with @nokiamail as well, but sadly that’s not possible. How about you?

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