nokia mail bannerNot so good news but one that was not unexpected, given Nokia to Microsoft Mobile transition. Last service to get discontinued was Nokia Sync and it was natural that at some point in time Microsoft will do the same with Nokia mail and Nokia Chat too, given it has Outlook Mail and Skype services integrated and available on Lumia and other devices.

Even the Nokia account services that was once mandatory to enjoy Nokia services like Nokia Music (MixRadio), Nokia Store (to be replaced by Opera store now), Nokia Maps (HERE Maps) is getting discontinued on April 24. Microsoft probably needs to keep Nokia account alive for some time, as many users still have unlimited download subscription to MixRadio with Nokia Account.

Anyways, here are the full details:

What is happening to Nokia Mail and Nokia Chat?

As outlined in our 17 July communications, the Microsoft Devices Group, including the Phones business unit, is aligning its business objectives with our company’s new strategic direction. As we focus on developing hardware that unites and showcases Microsoft services, first-party (Nokia) services and programs for platforms like Series 40, Series 60, others will be transitioned to alternative solutions, where available. The shut down of the Nokia Mail and Nokia Chat on March 9, 2015 is part of this transition.

What will happen to the personal data associated with Nokia Mail and Nokia Chat? 

User data will be destroyed within 6 months of the service being discontinued.

Will I be able to access my emails after March 9, 2015? 

Beginning March 9, 2015, you will no longer be able to sign in, access your existing emails, or send and receive new messages using your Nokia Mail or Nokia Chat address.

What will happen to my Yahoo! services content? 

If you use your Nokia Mail or Nokia Chat address to sign in to Yahoo! services, such as Flickr, you will no longer be able to do so after March 9, 2015.  Please ensure you save your Yahoo! content before this date.

Will I be able to keep the same email address? 

No, your Nokia Mail address will no longer work after March 9, 2015.

Will I still be able to send and receive SMS and MMS messages? 

The discontinuation of the Nokia Mail and Nokia Chat does not affect text messaging (SMS) or multi-media messaging (MMS). Your ability to send, receive and read SMS and MMS messages is not affected.

What happens to my Nokia Account? 

As the former Nokia phones business is integrated into Microsoft, we are consolidating on a common identity management system, namely Microsoft Account.  The Nokia Account service will be discontinued on April 24, 2015. You can find out more here: .

Where can I get additional support?

Please go to

Can I still sign up for Nokia Mail or Nokia Chat? 

At this time, you can no longer sign up for Nokia Mail or Nokia Chat.

What if I use my Nokia Mail address as my contact email in my favorite app or service? 

If you have used your Nokia Mail address as your contact email for any other apps or services, we advise you to update your profile on these services to use an alternative email address.

How can I save my existing Nokia Mail emails?

We’ll be in contact in the very near future to provide you with detailed instructions on how to save your email by moving it to another service.  However, if you would like to do this sooner you can save your Nokia Mail to an IMAP or POP-enabled webmail service or an app on your computer; you can find out more about how to take this step here: .

Many of you still send me tips to my old Nokia account, so I request to use [email protected] instead.

Thanks Elixir for the tip. Cheers!!