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Expected MWC 2018 Nokia Phones & Smartphones lineup in the light of recent leaks

HMD will launch a big part of its 2018 Phones and Smartphones portfolio at MWC 2018 tomorrow. We have been telling you what to expect earlier too but in the light of recent leaks...

Nokia 8 Sirocco concept introduction video re-imagines its design

Much is known about Nokia 8 Sirocco including its major specs and probable design as it has leaked out many times before as both Nokia 9 (2017) and Nokia 8 Sirocco. Now well-known digital artist...

Nokia 9/8 Sirocco spy photos captured at official HMD event in Indonesia

Some eagle-eyed attendees were able to capture spy shots of what looks like Nokia 9 (2017) aka Nokia 8 Sirocco during an official HMD event in Indonesia. Check these spy shots below shared by...

Sources: India to get Nokia 6 2018, Nokia 1, Nokia 9 April onwards

HMD will launch many Nokia smartphones and two interesting 4G feature phones including Nokia 3310 4G at MWC 2018. Now, many have been asking about the possible release dates for India. So, here is what...

Nokia 8 Sirocco TA-1005 gets re-certified in Russia along with cancellation of old entry

We earlier told you how TA-1005 had passed Russian certification back in May 2017. Now, when HMD has decided to finally launch it as Nokia 8 Sirocco (as many evidences suggest), we told you...

TA-1005 is the Nokia 8 Sirocco and not Nokia 9, suggests the new evidence

Nokia smartphone that is identified as TA-1005 has been a mystery of sorts for more reason than one. First, it was certified in Russia a long time ago in May 2017 but has not...

Nokia 8 Sirocco revealed in the latest Nokia Camera tear-down [APK download]

Today a new Oreo Beta Build arrived for Nokia 5 and this build also brought a new Nokia camera app version 8.0230.50 with itself. So, as we had promised while reporting about Nokia 1,...

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