Nokia smartphone that is identified as TA-1005 has been a mystery of sorts for more reason than one. First, it was certified in Russia a long time ago in May 2017 but has not been launched by HMD until now. Second, it was very recently spotted at FCC revealing its specs like Snapdragon 835 processor.

All rumors and leaks strongly hinted at it being launched as Nokia 9. But now it seems it may not be the case and it can rather be launched as Nokia 8 Sirocco. We first noticed this name in our APK tear-down of Nokia Camera app. And now TA-1005 has been certified as Nokia 8 Sirocco in Thailand.

If you remember we even noticed Nokia 9 in the APK tear-down. So, now it seems that while we may see Nokia 8 Sirocco getting launched at MWC 2018, HMD may be planning to name its real 2018 flagship with Snapdragon 845 as Nokia 9.

In a nutshell, Nokia 9 2017 is now Nokia 8 Sirocco. Nokia 9 2018 may be launched as Nokia 9 only. Things will be clearer at MWC 2018, as naming is something that is not taken as sacrosanct by marketing and there can always be last-minute changes.

In last few days lots of Nokia 9 aka Nokia 8 Sirocco leaks have appeared confirming and revealing most of the specs. You can read and check all that we know about Nokia 9 aka Nokia 8 Sirocco including specs, features, images and more at our dedicated Nokia 9 page.

Thanks Ron & Suang for the tip. Cheers!!