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Motorola testing a Windows Phone device with 720p display

This doesn't confirm anything about Motorola's plans to actually reveal a new Windows Phone sooner or later. But an entry at Rightware reveals a Motorola Windows Phone "Motorola Solutions TC70xx11". The device is running...

POV: Google sells off Motorola to Lenovo. What it means for Microsoft-Nokia?

The news that Google is now selling off Motorola business to Lenovo, for what looks like a much smaller sum of $2.9 billion sets one immediately into thinking mode. Reason is pretty clear, Google-Motorola...

#Lumia1020 back in stock at MS store. Lumia 1020 vs #MotoX first look comparison...

A hands-on video comparing Lumia 1020 with Google/Motorola's latest Moto X. Now, even the reviewer agrees that Lumia 1020 is more attractive and feels more premium and well-built in hand. Though there are comments...

Now even “Moto X” talks about low-light performance and customizable backs!! Nokia…always inspiring :P.

Image Credit:Engadget Talk of Nokia the influencer!! Though none in the industry likes to give them any credit for trends they have established with their Lumia lines but seems everyone has it on back...


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