zshdsc0695-1375373263 Image Credit:Engadget

Talk of Nokia the influencer!! Though none in the industry likes to give them any credit for trends they have established with their Lumia lines but seems everyone has it on back of their minds while creating their devices. We have seen HTC and Samsung getting inspired. Now, it is turn of Motorola with its Moto X. Two buzzwords are clearly lifted from Lumia design and Nokia’s thrust on camera.

So, Moto X has customizable back. Seems very familiar. Yup, all the mid to low-end Lumias can have multiple colored backs and Moto X too :P.

Second influence is the low-light capability something which HTC has already tried to achieve with their HTC One and now Moto X does the same in its 10.5 MP camera.

So, there may be other influences as well like the “Glance screen” on Lumias which is always on screen-saver for lock screen and is present on Moto X too.

See, there we said, Nokia… always inspiring :P. Good thing is that now at least buyers and tech world knows from where these buzzwords have arisen.


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