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Windows Phone sees big growth in Argentina and Mexico according to “Statscounter”.

"Argentina" is one of the fastest growing smartphone market with smartphones making 42% of total phone sales. Android is the major OS with 60% installed base there. The outlook for 2013 indicates smartphone sales as...

Starhub: Replenished stock may not able to satisfy “overwhelming interest” for Lumia 920 !!

  Lumia 920 was sold out across Starhub Singapore's retail stores in no time and word from operator is that new stock arrives on the weekend. But now, it seems the demand is too overwhelimg...

Asha devices’ huge success is making competition restless.

Asha devices have been huge success in India, so much so, that it seems low-end Android competition is now feeling threatened and restless as it is cutting down on their cheap low-end smartphone share as well. The...

Weekend Read: Huge Demand for Lumia 920 confirmed, Sold outs and Best selling performances...

This week was beaming with many great signs about Lumia 920's huge demand in most of the markets where it has already been launched and also in some of the markets where it was...


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