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NSN chosen as sole LTE supplier by Elisa, Finland.

January is proving to be great month for NSN! One after another, 5 deal wins had already been reported in January and  4 deals out of these 5 are LTE deals including TELE Greenland, VimpelCom, Avantal and Telkomsel. Here comes the 5th LTE deal and this one is really significant. Elisa,

For August #Lumia520 & #Lumia820 top selling personal & business smartphones at Elisa. #Lumia925 off to a strong start.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Good news coming from Finland. At largest operator Elisa, Lumias are top sellers in both personal and business category for the month of August. Have a look at the top-5 selling smartphones on the Elisa list. Elisa's best-selling phones for personal use in August 2013, five of the top: 1. Nokia

Finlands’s top operator Elisa’s best-seller list for April 2013. Lumia 620 and Lumia 820 top selling phones.

Finland's biggest operator "Elisa" has published their best-selling phones list for April 2013. Lumia WP8 devices top both the list for "Private customers" and "Corporate customers". Lumia 620 tops best-selling list for Private customers while Lumia 820 tops best-selling list for Corporate customers. Good to see Nokia ruling sales charts on

All Lumia 920 (5000 pc) supply to Elisa (Finland) sold out on pre-order itself. DNA and Sonera also confirm strong pre-orders.

Great news coming now from Nokia's home, Finland. Country's second biggest carrier Elisa has sold out of all Lumia 920 stock on pre-orders only. The stock quantity they are supposed to receive is 5000 pc, but now they inform that they have nothing left for customers coming to store  on Thursday,