Great news coming now from Nokia’s home, Finland. Country’s second biggest carrier Elisa has sold out of all Lumia 920 stock on pre-orders only. The stock quantity they are supposed to receive is 5000 pc, but now they inform that they have nothing left for customers coming to store  on Thursday, the day Lumia 920 is getting launched there.

Now coming to Finland’s 2010 smartphone sales number. 792000 no. of smartphones were sold in Finland in 2010 which translates to approx 66000 pcs/month. So, 5000 pcs of Lumia 920 looks like a big number that too on a single operator only.

Even other carriers DNA and Sonera have confirmed better demand for lumia 920 than the earlier Lumias (which really sold well in Finland) and say pre-orders has gone well in stores.

It also seems that everyone expects supply situation to improve only at the beginning of December.


Thanks @easycapexperti for the Tip!!