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Unknown Lumia with RM-1141 code revealed in import data

After Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL made public and already on pre-order, we are left with only one device / variant RM-1099, that yet has to be made public or may be two,...

Here is what we know about RM-1099 specs.

RM-1099 has been a mystery device till now. We first reported about RM-1099 from certification in Indonesia and later it was found in Zauba import data for India. Because of its 4-inch display, we...

RM-1099 with 4-inch display, Dual-Sim support getting tested in India

We first reported about RM-1099 from certification in Indonesia. At that time we didn't have much idea about this device, but now it has been seen in Zauba records, imported to India for testing....

RM-1099, another New Lumia passes certification in Indonesia

Yet another unknown Lumia device has passed certification in Indonesia. The product code is RM-1099, that has been revealed for the first time. We have earlier reported RM-1072 and RM-1077 with 5-inch, 720p display...

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