RM-1141After Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL made public and already on pre-order, we are left with only one device / variant RM-1099, that yet has to be made public or may be two, if a new entry has to be take into account. A new Lumia with variant code RM-1141 has been spotted in the Zauba import data. The device seems to have a 4-inch display and “Dual-Sim” as per the entry and will carry Microsoft brand.

This brigs us to the obvious question of whether it is just another variant of RM-1099 as it will also have 4-inch display and Dual-Sim support. We have already reported more details about RM-1099 from our sources and it looks like a Lumia 435 variant with slightly better camera. We are however not sure why this or these variants are required, when Lumia 435 is already out. But since it is getting tested in both India and Indonesia, we may have a Lumia 435 variant with may be an “auto-focus camera”.

RM-1141’s indicated price in Zauba records is bit on higher side for a low-end device. But we can take it as an aberration or a mistake in records, as Microsoft won’t ideally release a 4-inch Lumia in that price range, when you already have likes of Lumia 532 and Lumia 535 catering to consumer needs.

Thanks Shivam for the tip. Cheers!!