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One of the  annoyance many users coming from other platforms have from Windows phone is the lack of toggles for settings like WiFi, Mobile Data, NFC, Bluetooth, Silent / Airplane mode etc. Though Windows Phone has so minimalistic UI that reaching to settings and doing things does involve very few taps, but it becomes clear that while designing the UI, MS has not paid much attention on making use of settings easy.

Well, while we wait for MS to do something about having such toggle on home screen, in the meantime we can use apps like “System Tiles” to make our lives easier. This apps provides one with ability to pin individual setting tiles like WiFi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, Silent / Airplane mode etc to home screen. What is better is that one can create a folder and keep these individual tiles in the folder. Though for pinning five tiles and creating one folder the app is free but for more you need to spend just $0.99.

The best collection of pinnable tiles for your Windows Phone! Now with unique ability to create folder with tiles!!!

*** update 2.0.0

– Now you can set custom background for quick tiles.

*** BE INFORMED! Some old pinned tiles will be recreated when you change background color!

– 20 Actions to pin or use from side the applications.

– Custom folders

To pin more than 5 tiles on main screen, or create more than one folder you should buy full version of this application.

Thanks Nano for the Tip. Cheers!!

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