A trusted source has shared with us following info about Symbian /Nokia Carla,

  • 2nd gen Belle devices 603,700,701 will start shipping with Carla in Q3 2012


  • 1st gen Belle devices N8,C7,E7,X7,E6,C6-01 ( and 2nd Gen as well ) will get Carla as software update in early Q4 2012.It will be a global release as well.


  • Carla update for 1st gen devices will be lighter version of Carla as most of them lack NFC and  have less than 1 Ghz processing power. But Browser and resizable widgets are confirmed to be coming along with enhanced smoothness and bug fixes.


  • N8 successor is not the last device to be launched with Carla. Minimum two more devices will be launched in 2012 running Carla. Though this source didn’t say anything about N8 successor running dual-core CPU.

Now again time to analyze the above info.

As far as Carla coming to 1st gen devices is concerned, we have seen screenshots of Carla being tested on E6 and E7 in our earlier articles. So it seems believable to a certain degree. Check our coverage below,



The browser version here is 8.2 and Symbian OS version is 112.010.0905, which is close to version number 112.010.0404 being tested for bugs, hence must be latest version of Carla.

Also let us have a look at this picture leaked by a developer from a conference in Mexico.

This blurred image gives following info about Carla,

Carla will have  major improvements, NFC, Dolby surround, New improved Widgets, Improved Browser (Version 8). Also Carla is supposed to come in late 2012 or early 2013.

So now if consider “the lighter version of Carla update coming to 1st Gen devices” part of tips, it really seems trustworthy as most of them excluding C7 don’t have NFC. But Improved browser (version 8) and resizable widgets would be coming, and browser version is confirmed by our above mentioned article as well (8.2).

Also the leaked picture shows more than one devices coming with both Carla and Donna. Hence if Nokia launches more than two devices this year, it might not be a surprise.

Keeping fingers crossed for MWC !!