Thanks Sidhant for sending this in. This looks legitimate as “Work In Progress” Nokia Belle FP2 screenshots. The firmware version is 113.010.0205 which is obviously Belle FP2 firmware, if you consider the  Nokia’s firmware numbering system. Remember that 112 series (112.010.1404 ) is Firmware for Belle FP1 and  111 series (111.030.0609) was for Nokia Belle.

There are multitude of changes in the UI and various native applications. Some Salient new features and changes are summarized below.

  • Keyboard settings and predictive text input has been enhanced. It looks much better and improved.
  • Search button becomes the fourth in the taskbar.
  • The Camera UI and capture from locked position feature from 808 Pureview makes its way to other Belle 2nd generation devices.
  • Camera Gallery from 808 PureView.
  • Easier Text input and editing.
  • New Browser version with better HTML score.
  • New and improved Music Player.
  • Swipe to unlock feature natively enabled.
  • Swipe to see missed calls and messages
  • Many New Widgets

Check the full screenshots gallery below,